Overnight Boarding

A paw-jama party in comfort

Our concierge service offers personalized overnight care solutions throughout France, providing the best experience for your pet with all the attention and love they need.

From €40/day at your home

From €37.50/day at the pamperer's home

Boarding at your house

When you leave your pet for a short or long stay, we'll make sure they have everything they need to feel at ease. Overnight care at your home allows your fur-ball to maintain its habits in a familiar environment without disturbing them.


Tell us your pet's exact diet and needs (wet or dry food - frequency - quantity), our pamperer will feed him/her and make sure there is enough water.


We make sure your doggo can stretch their legs in complete safety, according to their habits and specific needs, with or without their truffle buddies!


Our dedicated petsitters will be delighted to play with your adorable fur ball, not to mention the endless pampering sessions!

Boarding at the pamperer's house

For pets that adapt easily to a new environment, overnight care directly at the pet sitter's home with one or more truffle buddies is the ideal way to socialize.
Our trusted petsitters will do everything in their power to make your pet feel at home.

Our aim is to offer a tailor-made solution to suit your pet's needs and yours.

Our benefits

Des horaires flexibles et un service sur-mesure

Des soins adaptés et une réelle supervision

Des nouvelles régulières par photos/vidéos

Service couvert par une assurance professionnelle

Un accès à un vétérinaire en cas de besoin

Arrosage des plantes et réception du courrier en bonus !

Tailored Services During their Stay

During their stay your pet can benefit from other services to make their time more memorable: a forest walk, a grooming session, fresh meal options, massages, etc.

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