Let's educate your best friend!

The best therapist has fur and four legs. We want to offer positive training methods by quality professional providers. We approved the techniques of our trainers.

Get a trainer to help you understand better what your pet is trying to
express by his/her behaviour. Get help for any trouble and get started
with a behavioural assessment to determine the needs.

Bringing home a new pet can raise a lot of questioning related to his/her
wellbeing and ours. Being accompanied by a trainer can help make a
much smoother transition.

Group lessons promote activities to stimulate the communication between
pets and gain knowledge with fellow pet owners. Your pet will also work on
his/her social skills.

Solo walks can help your dog get less scared about the environmental challenges
faced. Behavioural specialists can help for forest walks and in town walks. 

Classes and Education

Group Classes


The recall is a key command if you want to be able to leave your dog off the leash in big opened spaces

Leash Walking

Tired to have your dog pulling on the leash or to run after him ? Teach your doggy to walk at your pace

Potty Training

Your House is suffering from the lack of education of your pet ? Potty-train your animal



Separation anxiety, excessive barking, many troubles can come from a hidden anxiety


Group classes and of sociabilisation to get your animal used to the presence of more pets and humans.


Agressivity issues and dominance towards others animals or humans. Positive educational methods exist to solve them.

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