Cat Visits and sitting

Get your cat someone to visit and give food, cuddles and care when you're away! You can also choose to have your cat stay at a pamperer's house !

Cat Visits at your house

Leave your cat in the tranquility of home with a careful pamperer

Make sure your cat is fed, hydrated, pampered and happy during your time away Visits from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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Tell us your cat's exact diet and needs (wet or dry food - frequency - quantity), our pamperer will feed him/her and make sure there is enough water.


Our pamperer will clean the litter and rearrange it for your cat's best comfort and hygiene.

Playtime and cuddle time (if meow is the time to)

Our pamperer can entertain your cat with your toys or accesorizes and also cuddle him if he wants to be.

No need to make your cat adapt, find a pamperer who can stay overnight and take care of your furry friend in the comfort and routine of its own home! 

Leave your cat in a secured and comfortable place during your time away by choosing overnight boarding at one of our provider's house. 

You can choose from different profiles of catsitters, with or without other pets, adapted to your cat's needs and likes.