Mission & Vision

We aim to be the specialized concierge for your pet at their service and at yours.

Our Vision

Our promise is to provide you various, secured, and personalized services , bringing joy to pets and peace of mind to owners.

Animal Rescue

An animal rescue group or animal rescue organization is dedicated to pet adoption and relocation. These groups take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to find suitable homes for them.

We are a third party, linking dog and cat owners to the professionals of the sector, aiming to assist various organisations for :

  • Animal Adoption (SPA, Shelters abroad, etc)
  • Anti Animal Theft, as it is becoming a growing illegal underground business throughout France

We also want to promote donating foods and goods to animal shelters throughout France and abroad, and work in synergy with organizations helping homeless people make their dog live a healthy life by their side (dry food, blankets, medicine, wet food, toy, beds, etc).

Animal Rights Laws

In recent years French laws have been strengthened for animal rights. The penalties for mistreatment and abandonment have increased and many associations have been created for animal protection.

  1. 2015: The animal becomes a "being endowed with sensitivity" in the Civil Code. ==> The Parliament recognizes the symbolic quality of living beings endowed with sensitivity, within the framework of the law of modernization and simplification of the law. The Civil Code, which until now considered animals as movable property, is thus aligned with the Penal Code and the Rural Code which already recognize them as living and sensitive beings.
  2. 1963: The act of cruelty to animals is a crime, The 1963 law innovates by creating the crime of acts of cruelty, whether or not they are committed in public, against domesticated animals or those held in captivity. Wild animals are excluded from these measures. A law of 1898 prohibited public and private ill-treatment, but without any sanction.